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CMA Sponsoring 25 Members to Attend International Conference on Physician Health

The Canadian Medical Association is committed to supporting the health and wellness of Canada’s physicians. We understand physicians have to juggle many tasks: caring for patients, navigating a complex health care system, and meeting personal obligations. Personal wellness often comes last. The CMA wants to make it a bit easier to prioritize your wellness by […]

Canadian Research Highlighted at ORS 2018

Canada had the honour of being selected as the Guest Nation at the recent ORS Annual Meeting held from March 10-13 in New Orleans.  This initiative gave us the opportunity to have Canadian research highlighted prominently in the ORS program. A featured Guest Nation workshop moderated by Drs. Fackson Mwale and Albert Yee entitled: “Functional […]

COA Response to the Constitutional Challenge to B.C.’s Ban on Private Health Insurance led by the Cambie Surgery Centre – 2016

The publicly-funded Canadian health-care system has historically offered reasonable solutions to patients, but the COA is concerned that the current model is not effectively meeting certain benchmarks for musculoskeletal care in this country, including long wait times for orthopaedic consultation and surgery. The COA Position Statement on Access to Orthopaedic Care in Canada states that […]

Charter for Orthopaedic Surgeons

The goal of Canada’s orthopaedic surgeons, in partnership with their patients, is to provide the best musculoskeletal health care possible. The COA Charter for Orthopaedic Surgeons is a document which outlines the roles and responsibilities of orthopaedic surgeons in planning delivery of musculoskeletal care. Read the full Charter here.