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Why are the Liberals neglecting health-care fixes?
Bacchus Barua and Ben Eisen; Special to Financial Post; April 5, 2016

When it comes to tests, more is not always better
André Picard; The Globe and Mail; April 5, 2016

Medicare threatens to put Justin Trudeau to the test: Moves in Quebec and Saskatchewan toward two-tier health care will force the new Liberal government to act, one way or another.
Thomal Walkom; Toronto Star; April 3, 2016

Behind Kellie Leitch's 'sort-of' campaign for Conservative leader: In her tentative bid to lead the party, Kellie Leitch has a high-profile team behind her, even if most Canadians don't know who she is
Shannon Proudfoot; Macleans; April 7, 2016

Opinion: Keep doctors off Ontario's Sunshine List
Francesca Grosso; National Post; April 7, 2016

Pierre Dupont, banned for life from dentistry in Quebec, now a foot doc in Ontario: CBC/Radio Canada investigation shows Ontario chiropodist organization may have broken own rules
Rosa Marchitelli; CBC News; April 4, 2016

Horizon Health facing geriatrician shortage in Saint John: 'Urgent' patients will wait up to one month, other cases, 'over 10 months,' internal email reveals
Bobbi-Jean MacKinnon; CBC News; April 4, 2016

4 political parties on healthcare and education in Saskatchewan: Which party aligns with your view?
CBC News; April 3, 2016

Former Alberta Health Services CEO Vickie Kaminski says she resigned due to NDP political interference: Confidential document alleges NDP interference in AUPE negotiations, Calgary EMS dispatch plan
Jennie Russell, Charles Rusnell; CBC News April 5, 2016

Inspection report shows 20% of Quebec hospitals in poor condition: Health Minister Gaétan Barrette says hospitals, long-term care homes with failing grades could face demolition
CBC News; April 6, 2016

Quebec rejects $330M lawsuit launched by SNC-Lavalin group over hospital: Quebec Health Minister Gaetan Barrette says the government "will not pay one penny above what is justified."
Ross Marowits; The Canadian Press; April 1, 2016

Victoria General hospital plans 'had to start at ground zero': N.S. Health Minister Leo Glavine says medical community rejected plans prepared by previous government
Jean Laroche; CBC News; April 7, 2016