2021 COA Service Award Winners

The COA’s Annual Service Awards recognize members who have distinguished themselves through their exemplary contributions, influence and commitment to improving the Canadian orthopaedic community.  Awarded each year at the COA Annual Meeting, the Service Awards are high honours bestowed on a member by the Canadian Orthopaedic Association.

President’s Award for Excellence

Dr. Jean-François Joncas
President, Quebec Orthopaedic Association

The President’s Award for Excellence recognizes overall excellence in the advancement of orthopaedic research, education, health-care organization, advocacy, and standards of care. It is awarded for commitment and contributions to the overall profession.

The 2021 COA Awards were presented by Dr. Mohit Bhandari at the Your COA Business Meeting session on Saturday, June 19. The Presidential Award for Excellence was awarded to Drs. Jean-François Joncas, Quebec Orthopaedic Association President, and Jeremy Hall, Ontario Orthopaedic Association President.

Dr. Jeremy Hall
President, Ontario Orthopaedic Association

This year’s recipients have gone beyond the call of duty in their positions of provincial leadership. Throughout a tumultuous year of uncertainty, they remained focused leaders and advocated for the prioritization of orthopaedic procedures in their respective provinces. Both Drs. Hall and Joncas are advocates of the Mobilize Canada Fast Track Care campaign, and engaged their respective memberships with the program throughout Ontario and Quebec. Their consistent messaging about how orthopaedic patients have been disproportionally affected by the cancellation of surgical procedures during the pandemic, and rebranding of orthopaedic procedures as life changing and restorative versus elective or lifestyle surgeries, had significant impact with the media, policy makers and provincial health ministries.

Drs. Joncas and Hall were also champions of the ReCOAnnect tour and participated in numerous small group virtual town hall meetings with Dr. Bhandari across their provinces this year. Their support and engagement with this program has fostered ongoing collaborations between national and provincial associations, and has united the COA with the OOA and QOA. Our national association is stronger because of their hard work and commitment.

Service to the COA

Jamie Williams
Formerly of Zimmer Biomet

The Service to the COA Award recognizes outstanding service and contributions to the Canadian Orthopaedic Association and its members. It is awarded for exceptional engagement and active participation in COA events, programs and projects, leadership, and in advancing the COA’s Mission.

The 2021 Service to the COA Award was presented to Jamie Williams, formerly of Zimmer Biomet. Jamie’s extensive career spans decades within the orthopaedic industry. Through his leadership at Zimmer Biomet, Jamie developed, implemented and drove two of our profession’s biggest and most impactful advocacy campaigns. Both the 2004 Canada in Motion campaign advocating for timely access to orthopaedic care, and the current Fast Track Care campaign advocating for the prioritization of orthopaedic procedures, are born from Jamie’s vision and commitment to orthopaedic patient care.

Jamie’s commitment to the COA was also evidenced in Zimmer Biomet’s support of the COA’s educational programs and events, and fostered collaborations between the COA and the orthopaedic industry.