COVID-19: COA Member Resource Centre

*last updated on December 9, 2020

We are dedicated to getting through this together

The COA recognizes that our professional and personal lives have been shaken by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, the COA leadership, committees, and staff members stand strong for our members. We are committed to providing you with every means of support possible to help you navigate through the changes you are experiencing as a health-care professional. We are working with our leadership and partner associations to deliver practical tools to assist you.

Check in and stay in touch: The COA’s pledge to you

In these uncertain and challenging times, your Association wants each and every member to know that we are all working together to support you. We are committed to getting you important information as quickly as possible on our website, and encourage you to reach out to us with any questions or comments via email or on our Twitter and Instagram social media platforms. A member of our staff will try to respond as soon as possible.

COA Advocacy Initiatives

Resuming Restorative Surgery: Prioritizing Orthopaedic Surgery Nationwide

Surgeons and decision makers face ongoing challenges in prioritizing care until our health-care system is fully re-opened. The pandemic has resulted in deferred surgery for thousands of orthopaedic patients awaiting time-sensitive restorative surgery across Canada. These delays in care have resulted in immeasurable pain and suffering for patients. As various provincial governments are now triaging access to care during the gradual resumption of activity, the Canadian Orthopaedic Association is advocating for the tens of thousands of orthopaedic patients, whose access to quality of life altering treatments has been deferred. Click here to view the COA’s Position Statement on Resuming Restorative Surgery: Prioritizing Orthopaedic Surgery Nationwide

Remuneration for Orthopaedic Surgeons During the COVID-19 Pandemic – COA Position Statement

E-mail to obtain a copy of the COA’s Position Statement on Remuneration for Orthopaedic Surgeons During the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Organizations for Health Action (HEAL)

HEAL, Organizations for Health Action, is a coalition of 40 national health organizations, including the COA, dedicated to improving the health of Canadians and the quality of care they receive. HEAL provides a range of health care services across Canada.

OE COVID-19 Resource Centre

Endorsed by international Associations, OrthoEvidence offers access to their exclusive COVId-19 Resource Centre to COA members. Access their specialized COVID-19 website here and log in to review the latest and most up-to-date research and best practices to guide your work as a surgeon as well as their best recommendations for participation in virtual meetings and professional events.

Canada’s COVID-19 Immunization Plan

On December 8, 2020, the Public Health Agency of Canada released Canada’s COVID-19 Immunization Plan: Saving Lives and Livelihoods. The document outlines Canada’s immunization plan and proposes the steps towards a safe, effective and informed roll-out. The plan involves the collaboration of federal, provincial and territorial (F/P/T) governments, Indigenous leaders, and partners in Canada and around the world to meet this challenge through a principled and evidence-informed approach that puts protecting the health and safety of Canadians first.

Click here to read Canada’s COVID-19 Immunization Plan.

Additional Resources

Please visit the provincial and territorial resources for COVID-19 page for updated guidance specific to your province or territory.

Federal Resources:

Government guidelines for patients and general public on the COVID-19 outbreak. This can be sent out as a primary and comprehensive resource outlining the official guidelines from the federal government to all citizens. Access it by clicking here.

What health professionals need to know: a guide that provides points of information specified for health-care workers in Canada. This page includes epidemiological information, diagnostic and reporting details, and recommendations to health-care professionals. Access it by clicking here.

Public Health Agency of Canada

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has issues guidelines for health-care organizations to help minimize the risk of exposure and transmission of the virus within practice settings. Access the link below:

Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Leadership at the Royal College is closely monitoring the evolving COVID-19 situation and responding to the changing needs of surgeons as quickly as possible. Committed to the health and wellness of Canadians, they are monitoring the effect of COVID-19 on all residents, Fellows and staff. The Royal College’s Crisis Management Team is working hard to ensure they are responding to the current needs of residents and Fellows.

The Royal College has also collected accurate and up-to-date evidence-based information and resources accessible via these Global, pan-Canadian and regional resources

Canadian Medical Association

The Canadian Medical Association and the Public Health Agency of Canada have teamed up together with the Council of Chief Medical Officers of Health to communicate and share the most up-to-date information for physicians and patients.  Click here to access their comprehensive resource centre

Ontario Orthopaedic Association

Our colleagues at the OOA have published a resource page, accessible here. It includes their recommendations for patient interaction and details on setting up your virtual practice.

Choosing Wisely Canada

As a part of their COVID-19 resource page, Choosing Wisely Canada circulated a new list of 9 recommendations on April 2, 2020. These have been developed based on responses and input from stakeholders on efforts related to #COVID19. See the new list on using resources wisely for the public and clinicians by clicking here.

Joule (a CMA Company)

Joule COVID-19 Learning Series, tools for physicians

Joule is a subsidiary of the Canadian Medical Association, focused on supporting physicians in their pursuit of clinical excellence via new innovations in health care. Joule provides the latest evidence-based clinical research in combination with continuing education. They collaborate with physician entrepreneurs to advance new initiatives in healthcare technology and digital care in Canada.

Joule has created efficient 30-minute informative videos dedicated to answering physicians’ questions and concerns related to their practice in light of COVID-19, which can be accessed here.

Joule’s “As a Librarian” Research Centre

Have a specific question or topic you need additional research on? Submit a request with Joule’s “As a Librarian” and a member of their team will get back to you with the most up to date clinical information you seek. Click here to be directed to their page.

CPG: Clinical Practice Guidelines Infobase

Browse through the current clinical guidance collection here.

The Royal College has published billing guidelines and government resources for each province, outlined in the quick links below (full article here).

The COA recommends that you regularly check provincial and federal communication channels to stay current on support programs in place for you.

COA Communications Committee member, Dr. Adrian Huang, provides virtual clinic tips in these informative video clips:

  • Creating Your Virtual Health Clinic for Physicians:

  • How to Enable Breakout Rooms:

  • Zoom Tips & Tricks for MOA’s:

Access the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada’s web page on setting up your virtual care and Telemedicine guidelines by province. This page aims at helping health-care providers gain knowledge on Telemedicine and guide them through the first steps in establishing their virtual practice.  Access it by clicking here.

Managing your practice during COVID-19 by the Canadian Medical Association: A great source on how to manage patient visits and general guidelines on transitioning your practice away from in-person meetings. Access it by clicking here.

World Health Organization (WHO)

WHO Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) technical guide by the World Health Organization. This statement provides a basis on how to continue delivering clinical care and manage your patients in light of isolation, distancing, and quarantine. It is a great resource that can be shared with the general public and your patients. Access it by clicking here.

Canadian Medical Association COVID-19 poster and video

The CMA issued a comprehensive and informative poster for you to download and send electronically to your patients, or post on the front doors of your work place. Please feel free to use and share widely. Access it by clicking here. You can also watch and share their informative video.

FAQ site for patients

The CMA launched, a Q and A website where frequently asked questions from the public about COVID-19 are answered by reputable sources. This source is available in English and French and can be promoted widely amongst your patients, friends, and family. Access the FAQ page here.

Canadian Psychological Association mental health resources related to COVID-19

The Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) has issued fact sheets on some of the psychosocial aspects of this health emergency that you may find helpful.

Physician to Physician support by the CMA

The CMA is exploring ways to connect healthcare professionals and foster peer to peer support in the physician community.  Their Peer Support strategies include tips on how to improve empathetic listening skills and what to do if you are worried about a colleague. Learn more here.


The Canadian Society of Association Executives initiated an in-depth research study on how COVID-19 is impacting the operations of member-based non-profit associations such as ours.

The COA participated in this survey, and the results are available by the CSAE here. It outlines the impacts of COVID-19 on Association membership, finances, and staffing, based on responses of 372 Canadian associations and other not-for-profit organizations between April 29 and May 8, 2020.