Patient Advocacy

The COA recognizes that many Canadians wait too long for access to musculoskeletal care. COA member surgeons are themselves frustrated with the length of time their patients may have to wait for consultation or surgery. The association continues to advocate for improvements to the health care system that result in shorter wait times and improved quality of musculoskeletal care for patients.

Frustrated with Long Wait Times? Take Action!

We encourage all patients who are affected by long wait times to advocate for improved access to musculoskeletal health care by contacting local, provincial or federally elected officials. Sharing your experiences with representatives who have been elected to serve the Canadian public is our best opportunity to make an impact.

Federal: Member of Parliament (MP) of Canada

To contact your MP, please click here to find the name, email address and mailing address of your MP using your postal code.

Provincial: Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA)

To find contact information for your MLA, please consult the list below to access information for your province.

British Columbia
Ontario (MPPs)
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Newfoundland and Labrador
Prince Edward Island

Northwest Territories

Share your Story with the COA

Relating the stories and experiences of our patients is an important component of our advocacy platform. Do you have a story to share with us regarding excess wait times for orthopaedic care? If so, please email