The 2018
Annual Meetings

Registration is Open!
Pre-register before June 15



Pricing and Deadlines

Registration CategoriesPre Reg May 4By June 15On-site
COA Active* Member$0$400$800
COA Senior Member$200$250$400
COA Active US & Overseas Member$550$700$800
Presenting Non-member International Surgeons$400$400$800
COA Associates – Member Residents and Fellows$0$200$300
Presenting Medical Students$0$200$300
Research Affiliates – CORS$150$250$350
Non-member Residents or Fellows$300$350$450
Allied Health$250$250$450
Non-member Canadian Surgeons$2995$3145$3340
Non-member US and International surgeons$1650$1800$1995

*Membership dues paid in full. All prices are in Canadian Dollars.

EventsPre Reg May 4By June 15On-site
ICLs (open to all – no pre-registration required)$0$0$0
Fireside Chats (capped at 25 participants – open to all)$0$0$0
Canadian Orthopaedic Residents’ Association (CORA) Annual Meeting (open to residents and fellows only)$0$0$0
Social EventsPre Reg May 4By June 15On-site
COA Gala adult (open to all) Friday, June 22, Crystal Gardens $125$125$125
COA Gala Child (open to all) Friday, June 22, Crystal Gardens$50$50$50
CORA Social Event (for Residents) –
Wednesday, June 20: 20:30

Guest and Family tours TBD. Please check back for updates.