The 2020
Annual Meeting

June 19-20, 2020
We are Coming to YOU!


2020 COA, CORS, CORA Annual Meeting Cancellation

  • Q: I already pre-registered for the Annual Meeting, what happens to my existing registration?

A: All complete registrations will be automatically cancelled.  Social event and workshop ticket fees will be refunded directly to the delegate/attendee in the coming weeks.  Registration categories that included additional Meeting registration fees will also be refunded.  Information to follow.

  • Q: Can a portion or all of my 2020 membership dues be refunded since there is no Meeting this year?

A: Please note that COA membership dues and Annual Meeting registration fees are two separate functions.  No percentage of dues are allocated as Annual Meeting revenue and the Meeting is not funded by membership dues.  Your commitment to the COA and membership dues payments extend beyond the Annual Meeting.  Thank you for your ongoing support and membership renewal.

  • Q: Will papers, posters and sessions be offered virtually?

A: The COA is exploring options to deliver virtual educational content and will follow up with more information once decided.

  • Q: I’m moderating a session, what should I tell my faculty?

A: The COA is exploring options to deliver some sessions. Please ask your faculty to remain patient as we pursue options.  Moderators and speakers will be contacted by the COA with more information when available.

  • Q: How do I cancel my hotel room?

A: If you reserved a hotel room in one of the COA’s conference blocks, your room will be automatically cancelled and fully refunded directly by the hotel.  No cancellation penalties or fees are involved.  The refund process will take a few weeks to complete.  Thank you for your patience during this process. 

If you booked accommodations outside of the COA’s room block, or in a property not listed on the Hotels page, please contact the property directly to cancel your room.  These will not be cancelled by the COA.

  • Q: Will the 2021 Annual Meeting now be held in Halifax?

A: The date and location of the 2021 Annual Meeting remain unchanged from June 16-19 at the Vancouver Convention Centre.  Halifax is being considered as a host city for a future Meeting.