AAC Contact

For all inquiries or to reach any of member of the Executive, please email aac@canorth.org.

AAC Executive Listing 2019-2020

President: Dr. Ivan Wong
Vice President: Dr. Laurie Hiemstra
Education: Dr. Joel Lobo, Jarret Woodmass
Wet Lab/Resident Lab: Dr. Mark Sommerfeldt
Advocacy: Dr. Moin Khan
Research: Dr. Sasha Carsen, Dr. Thierry Pauyo
Fellowships: Dr. Jas Chahal
Treasurer/Industry Relations: Dr. Nathan Urquhart
Secretary: Dr. Allison Tucker
Membership: Dr. John Grant
Resident/Fellow Liaison: Dr. Bogdan Matache, Dr. Alexis Rousseau-Saine
Communications: Dr. Michaela Kopka, Dr. Marie-Eve LeBel
CASEM Representative: Dr. Brendan Sheehan
CSES Representative: Dr. Emilie Sandman
COFAS Representative: Dr. Matthew Lewington