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2019 Norman Bethune Orthopaedic Travel Scholarship

Congratulations Dr. John Murnaghan
The COA Global Surgery (COAGS) Committee is pleased to announce the winner of the second COAGS  Norman Bethune Orthopaedic Travel Scholarship, Dr. John Murnaghan. Dr. Murnaghan is a lower limb arthroplasty surgeon and Associate Professor at the University of Toronto. His recent work has concentrated on thromboprophylaxis following lower limb arthroplasty and perioperative blood use. The aim of this scholarship is to forge bonds and exchange knowledge between China and Canada, and Dr. Murnaghan will travel to Wenzhou, China, as both a teacher and a learner, during a two-week period during the 2018-2019 academic year. COAGS is very grateful to the Second Affiliated Hospital of the Wenzhou Medical University (WMU), for this opportunity and is confident that Dr. Murnaghan will be a tremendous ambassador for Canadian orthopaedics.

2018 Recap:  Dr. Vaughan Bowen Returns from Wenzhou, China

The inaugural COAGS Norman Bethune Orthopaedic Travel Scholarship to Wenzhou, China, was a resounding success. Dr. Vaughan Bowen from the University of Calgary participated in a tremendous exchange of knowledge with the Second Affiliated Hospital of the Wenzhou Medical University.  We look forward to Dr. Bowen’s recap in the plenary session at the Annual Meeting in Victoria in June.


Bethune 2018 Travel Blog: Letters from China

Dr. Bowen spent two weeks exploring China with his partner, Dorothy, ultimately ending up in Wenzhou for the Bethune Scholarship from March 17 to April 2, 2018.  Here are his musings and reflections on his academic pursuits and travels.  

Letter 1
Arrival in Beijing and The Great Wall of China.

Letter 2
The train to Xi’an, exotic foods, and Chinese opera.

Letter 3
Travels across China by aeroplane, boat, train, bus and car.

Letter 4 (with photos)
First days in Wenzhou and the Medical University.

Letter 5
Working with the Hand Surgeons at the 2nd Affiliated Hospital of the Wenzhou Medical University.

Letter 6
Academic exchanges are in full swing. 

Letter 7 (with photos)
A photo journal of some of the events and people we have met.

Letter 8
Back on the road, from Wenzhou to Sanya on the southern coast of the tropical island of Hainan. 

Letter 9
Final thoughts and an appeal from the writer.