Previous COA Awards

We continue to honour our members and members of the orthopaedic community who were previously recognized by the COA through past award programs listed below.

  • Outstanding Services Award 
  • Award Of Merit 
  • Presidential Award For Excellence
  • Lifetime Achievement Award

In 2020, the Annual Service Awards program replaced any previous awards.

Outstanding Services Award
Year Name Year Name
2007 David P. Petrie 1990 Ian Macnab
2001 Edward Blair 1990 Arthur J.M. Thivierge
2001 John Fowles 1989 Herbert M. Coleman
2000 C. Emerson Brooks 1989 Oliver John “Jack” White
2000 Franklin H. Sim 1988 William W. Ollerhead
1999 Robert N. Meek 1988 William J. Thompson
1999 A. Edward Shapter (Posthumously) 1987 William H. Kirkaldy-Willis
1998 J. Patrick Murnaghan 1987 David L. Macintosh
1998 Norman S. Schachar 1986 Joseph P. Moreau
1997 Gary N.F. Hughes 1985 Hector S. Gillespie
1997 Raimo U. Repo 1985 D. Cooper Johnston
1996 Laval Leclerc 1985 Edgar Lepine
1996 Albert Normand 1984 Harold H. Boucher
1995 C. Emerson Brooks 1984 Jean-Marc Lessard
1995 Basil W. Johnston 1984 Robert N. Lofthouse
1995 Sun Shik Shim 1984 Jacques G. Robichon
1994 W. Harvey Bailey 1984 R. Gordon Townsend
1994 Richard K. Macoomb 1982 Frederick P. Dewar
1994 James J. Wiley 1982 Roger Gariepy
1994 Core/Acore (Mrs. M. Johnston Accepted) 1982 J. Calixte Favreau
1993 Pierre H. Labelle 1982 John C. Kennedy
1993 Guy Lafond 1982 Frank P. Patterson
1991 Alvin J. Buhr 1982 Gordon Petrie
1991 J. Ian Jeffrey 1982 Olav Rostrup
Award of Merit
Year Name Year Name
2019 Emil Schemitsch 2010 Robert B. Bourne
2019 Bas Masri 2010 Kenneth Hughes
2018 Edward P. Abraham 2010 The University of Manitoba Joint Replacement Group
2018 Gregory V. Clarke • Eric Bohm
2015 Robert McGraw • Colin Burnell
2014 Andrew Furey and Team Broken Earth • David Hedden
2013 Ross Leighton • Thomas Turgeon
2013 Graham King 2009 Paul H. Wright
2013 Richard Buckley 2008 Cecil H. Rorabeck
2013 Government of SK 2007 Kris M. Shekitka
2012 Mohit Bhandari 2007 Donald Joel Flemming
2012 Donald Dick 2006 Donald Sweet (Posthumously)
2012 Christian Veillette 2005 Earl R. Bogoch
2011 Timothy R. Daniels 2005 Jacques Des Marchais
2011 Kevin Orrell 2004 Robert É. Turcotte
2011 The Canadian Orthopaedic Trauma Society (COTS) 2004 Geoffrey H. Johnston
Presidential Award for Excellence
Year Name Year Name
2019 Peter Roughley 2006 Cyril B. Frank
2018 William N. Dust 2006 Robert S. Bell
2018 Ross K. Leighton 2004 Alexandra Kirkley (Posthumously)
2015 Donald Garbuz 2004 Robert Y.H. McMurtry
2013 J. Norgrove Penny 2002 Allan E. Gross
2013 Hubert Labelle 2002 Shafique Pirani
2012 Michael D McKee 2001 Stephen Tredwell
2010 Clive P. Duncan 2000 Thomas V. Smallman
2009 James P. Waddell 1998 Peter J. Fowler
2008 Carroll A. Laurin 1997 Joseph Schatzker
2007 Edward J. Rumble
2007 Hans J. Kreder
2007 David G. Landells
2007 David B. Peddle
2007 Reginald H. Yabsley
Lifetime Achievement Award
Year Name
2011 Paul Wright (Lifetime Achievement Award was issued in place of Presidential Award for Excellence)

Previous COA Awards

Year Name Award
2020 Ivan Wong Emerging Leader Excellence in Service | Excellence du service d’un jeune leader
2020 Brendan Sheehan Emerging Leader Excellence in Service | Excellence du service d’un jeune leader
2020 Baxter Willis Lifetime of Service | Vie de service
2020 William Oxer Improving Clinical Care | Service aux soins cliniques
2020 Richard Buckley Service to Orthopaedic Education | Service à la formation en orthopédie 
2020 Hubert Labelle Service to Orthopaedic Research | Service à la recherche en orthopédie
2020 Tim Daniels Service to Specialty Enrichment | Service à l’enrichissement de la profession
2020 Jeffrey Gollish Service to the COA | Service à l’ACO
2020 Alastair Younger President’s Award for Excellence | Prix d’excellence du président


Annual Service Awards

The COA’s Annual Service Awards recognize members who have distinguished themselves through their exemplary contributions, influence and commitment to improving the Canadian orthopaedic community.  Awarded each year at the COA Annual Meeting, the Service Awards are high honours bestowed on a member by the Canadian Orthopaedic Association.