Research (CORS)


The Canadian Orthopaedic Research Society (CORS) was founded on June 18, 1966 in Banff, Alberta by a small group of members of the Canadian Orthopaedic Association.


Original CORS Logo

Those present were: Dr. W.G. DeHaas of Calgary, Dr. M. Emery of Edmonton, Dr. C.A. Laurin of Montreal, Dr. I. Macnab of Toronto, Dr. J. Robichon of Ottawa, Dr. E.H. Simmons of Toronto, Dr. W.J. Thompson of Vancouver, Dr. A. Trias of Halifax and Dr. H. Uhthoff of Montreal. Dr. Ian Macnab was elected as the founding President at the first CORS meeting held in 1967.

The purpose of the proposed society was to further the advancement of orthopaedic surgery in Canada by stimulation of orthopaedic research. To realize this, the new society aimed to become fully aware of all the types of orthopaedic research in progress in Canada. Their aims included the correlation and support of inter-related projects, the exchange of ideas and methods, the exchange of theoretical and technical ideas in special areas such as biomechanics and histology etc. The purpose also included the recognition by the formation of a society with an annual forum at which papers, reports of work in progress and research methods in related orthopaedic fields would be delivered.

Past CORS Presidents

Dr. Ian  Macnab Dr. Cecil H. Rorabeck Dr. Kevin Hildebrand
Dr. Edward H. Simmons Dr. Norman S. Schachar Dr. Kevin J. Deluzio
Dr. Jacques Robichon Dr. André A. Czitrom Dr. Erin L. Boynton
Dr. Richard Cruess Dr. A. Robin Poole Dr. James A. Johnson
Dr. Antoni Trias Dr. John Wedge Dr. Nadr M. Jomha
Dr. William Kirkaldy-Willis Dr. Hubert Labelle Dr. David R. Wilson
Dr. Charles Sorbie Dr. Cyril B. Frank Dr. Mark Glazebrook
Dr. Robert W. Jackson Dr. J. Bryan Finaly Dr. Cari Whyne
Dr. Hans K. Uhthoff Dr. Earl R. Bogoch Dr. John Antoniou
Dr. Nelson S. Mitchell Dr. Robert B. Bourne Dr. Steven Boyd
Dr. R. Merv Letts Dr. Robert C. Bray Dr. Michael J. Dunbar
Dr. Jo Miller Dr. J. Timothy Bryant Dr. Janie Astephen Wilson
Dr. Sun Shik Shim Dr. Max Aebi Dr. Albert J.M. Yee
Dr. T. Derek V. Cooke Dr. Peter J. Roughley Dr. Fackson Mwale
Dr. André Beaupré Dr. Robin R. Richards Dr. Paul-Edgar Beaulé
Dr. Fred Langer Dr Gail I. Anderson Dr.  Rizhi Wang
Dr. William G. DeHaas Dr. Graham J.W. King
Dr. Charles H. Rivard Dr. Thomas Oxland