Shoulder & Elbow (CSES)

2020 COA Annual Meeting

Join us! June 3-6 in Halifax, NS at the new Halifax Convention Centre.

Mark your calendars for the Upper Extremity and CSES subspecialty day on Saturday, June 6. Please click here for general information about the upcoming COA Annual Meeting.

Subspecialty Day Schedule

8:00-8:05 – Introduction/Welcoming Remarks

Andrew Trenholm

8:05-9:30 – Session 1: Paper Session Subspecialty Shoulder and Elbow

Moderators: Peter Lapner and Chris Hamilton

9:45-11:15 – Session 2: COA/CSES Elbow Symposium: “Post-Traumatic Elbow Stiffness”

Moderators: Kevin Hildebrand and Chris Hamilton


  • Causes of Elbow Stiffness After Trauma – Overview and Malunion Identification – Alexandre Leclerc
  • How to Do Open Capsular Release – William Regan
  • How to Remove HO and When to Do It – Kenneth Faber
  • How to Do Arthroscopic Release and Bone Spur Removal – J Pollock
  • Specific Concerns on Pro-Supination Stiffness (PRUJ-DRUJ-Forearm Malunion-Radial Head Malunion-HO-Annular Ligament Stiffness) Kevin Hildebrand

Cases/Panel Discussion

11:30-12:30 – Session 3: COA/CSES Shoulder Arthroplasty Symposium: “Which Implant to Use in OA Indications, Techniques and How Do I Get the Best Outcomes?”

Moderator: Andrew Trenholm


  • Humeral Head Replacement or Total Shoulder Arthroplasty – Peter Lapner
  • Stemless Versus Stemmed – Ryan Bicknell
  • TSA Versus RTSA For Primary OA – Darren Drosdowech

Cases/Panel Discussion

12:30-13:30 – Lunch


13:30-15:00 – Session 4: AAC/CSES Combined Symposium: “Shoulder Arthritis in Patients 50 Years of Age or Under”

Topic Based Panel Discussion Focusing on The Spectrum of Nonsurgical, Arthroscopic Surgical, And Arthroplasty Options, Outcomes and Complications.  Focus Will Be on Special Considerations for The Young Population, Tips and Tricks.

Moderators:  Emilie Sandman and David Sheps


  • Osteoarthritis – Dominique Rouleau
  • Glenoid Dysplasia / Posterior Instability – Jarret Woodmass
  • Rotator Cuff Deficiency / Cuff Tear Arthropathy – Diane Nam
  • The Unstable Arthritic Shoulder – Ivan Wong


15:15-16:45 – Session 5: COA/CSES Video Tips and Tricks: Rotator Cuff (10 Minute Vignettes)

Moderator: John Haverstock


  • Arthroscopic Cuff Repair: Open – Robin Richards
  • Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair – Emilie Sandman
  • Arthroscopic Augmentation with Patch – Ivan Wong
  • Latissimus Dorsi Transfer – Stéphanie Hinse
  • Trapezius Transfer – George Athwal (remote video)
  • Superior Capsular Reconstruction – J Pollock