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Vancouver 2015 Abstracts Supplement

COA2015 smallWe would like to thank all members who attended the recent Annual Meeting in Vancouver from June 17-20. You may access the Abstracts Supplement by clicking here.

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Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation Bones and Phones Scholarship Recipients

The Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation is pleased to announce the recipients of the Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation's 2015 Bones and Phones Legacy Scholarship:

Michael MacKechnie (University of Toronto) for his role in the Development of a contextually appropriate orthopedic surgery training program in Botswana.

Thierry Pauyo (McGill University) for his role in Evaluating Google Glass in peri-operative orthopaedic consultations: Linking Haiti to Canada

On behalf of the Scholarship's Founders, Dr. Veronica Wadey and Mr. Henry Chow, congratulations to the recipients and thanks to all who took the time to apply. Thank you to Dr. Erin Boynton, whose matching funding enabled the Foundation to award two scholarships this year.

The next call for applications will be this summer. Please check the Foundation's web site at for more details.

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And the Winners Are….Free Membership Dues Contest Results

Congratulations are extended to Drs. Mario Corriveau from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu and Gwenyth deVries from Fredericton for being the two lucky winners of our membership dues contest. Both Drs. Corriveau and deVries will have their 2015 COA membership dues reimbursed. This contest was open to all Active members whose accounts were in good standing by May 1. The winners were selected by random draw. Stay tuned for more incentive contests in the future!

COA Global Surgery (COAGS) Executive Statement - Nepal Earthquake

The COA Global Surgery (COAGS) Program Executive is releasing the following statement regarding the recent Nepal earthquake tragedy and the subsequent COA member response to aid in this tragedy:

It is well known that orthopaedic services are one of the foremost surgical needs required in the early days and weeks following any major earthquake. Mass numbers of victims with multiple fractures, crush injuries and spine fractures will inundate any regular health system, but in a very poor country such as Nepal, their abilities could become further overwhelmed. With more than 5000 people dead as of April 29, 2015, the trauma injury triangle would predict five times that number of victims (25,000) with major trauma-based injuries. This number will no doubt rise once the many villages in the Khumbu Valley region north of Kathmandu are reached.

Click on the Read More link below to read entire statement.

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Will YOU be the 1000th Active Member?

Join the COA today as an Active member and you could be eligible for three years of free membership! Our 1000th Canadian Active member of the Association will not be charged any annual membership dues for three full years.

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* Must have previously been an Active or Associate member of the COA prior to 2014. In order to reinstate your membership, you must first pay the current fiscal year's membership dues in full.

The 1000th Active member would have his/her dues waived as of the COA's following fiscal year. Contest is open to new or former members, currently practicing in Canada, applying to the Active membership category only.

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