Arthroplasty (CAS)

Membership Categories

Active Membership (Active Physicians and Surgeons)

  • CAS Active Membership is open to orthopaedic surgeons who are current COA members in good standing, with an interest in arthroplasty with the requirement that each member submits their cases to the Canadian Joint Replacement Registry (CJRR) and perform a minimum of 50 arthroplasty cases annually.
  • CAS Active Membership dues are $100 annually.

Affiliate Membership (Researchers)

  • CAS Affiliate Membership is open to researchers with an interest in arthroplasty.
  • CAS Affiliate Members are not required to pay annual dues.

Associate Membership (Fellows)

  • CAS Associate Membership is open to fellows who are currently pursuing an arthroplasty fellowship in a Canadian centre.
  • CAS Associate Members are not required to pay annual dues.

Please contact to apply for membership.