Canadian Orthopaedic Care Day

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

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Celebrating Canadian Orthopaedic Care Day 2024: Uniting for Improved Mobility and Care

Wednesday, March 27, 2024 marks a significant event in the Canadian healthcare calendar — the Third Annual Canadian Orthopaedic Care Day.

Under the themes of #MSKUnited and #MobilityMatters we aim not only to highlight the critical importance of musculoskeletal health but also to foster a sense of unity and collaboration across the healthcare spectrum. Canadian Orthopaedic Care Day was created to be a beacon of raising awareness on current situations in orthopaedic care to those who practice it, health authorities and policy makers.

Download the 2024 press release here.

This year our theme underscores the importance of togetherness – not just within our orthopaedic community but extending to allied health organizations and other health associations. Together, we stand stronger in our mission to enhance orthopaedic care and patient outcomes across Canada. This year, we’re encouraging our members to involve their entire care teams in our activities, reflecting the collaborative spirit that drives excellence in patient care.

We’re encouraging engagement in a multifaceted campaign designed to foster dialogue, share knowledge, and inspire action:

  • Online Advocacy: Share your support and insights on social media using the hashtags #CdnOrthoDay, #OrthoCareCanada, #MSKUnited and #MobilityMatters.
  • Government Engagement: Reach out to your local federal and provincial representatives. Invite them to visit your institutions, offering them a firsthand look at the challenges and opportunities in orthopaedic care within your community.
  • Participate in Our Video Campaign: We’re compiling a series of engaging, insightful videos from our members. Answer the questions listed below, either solo or with your care team, and help us paint a comprehensive picture of orthopaedic care in Canada.

Fast Facts About Orthopaedic Care Today

Extended Wait Times

Patients in Canada face the longest wait times for orthopaedic care, averaging 28.9 weeks post-specialist appointment to treatment in 2023, far exceeding the clinically reasonable 13.3 weeks.

Surgery Backlogs

Based on pre-pandemic trends, the pandemic’s impact has resulted in approximately 91,600 fewer surgeries than anticipated.

Nationwide Delays

With a wait of 44.3 weeks from GP referral to treatment, orthopaedic surgery wait times are among the highest for any specialty in Canada as of 2023.

Growing Wait Times

Over the last three decades, the wait from specialist appointment to treatment has increased by 154%.

Patient Backlog

Currently, around 150,000 Canadians are awaiting orthopaedic procedures.

Day Surgery Increase for Hip and Knee Replacements

In 2021–2022, 15.6% of hip and knee replacements done to treat osteoarthritis were performed as day surgeries, compared with 0.7% in 2018–2019.

Mobility-related Disabilities

10.6% of the Canadian population has a mobility-related disability.

Highest Specialty Wait Time

Orthopaedic Surgery in Canada has the nation’s highest specialty wait time for surgery in 2023.

The Urgent Need for Dialogue:

A Statistical Overview

Your Voice Matters:

Video Campaign Questions

As part of our video campaign, we ask you to reflect on and respond to the following questions:

  1. Exceptional Care Delivery: How do you define and prioritize the delivery of exceptional orthopaedic care to your patients, ensuring the highest standards of excellence and patient satisfaction?
  2. The Significance of Orthopaedics in Canada: What significance does the celebration of orthopaedics hold in Canada, and why is it important to acknowledge and honour this field?
  3. Personal Motivation: What motivated you to pursue a career in orthopaedics and dedicate yourself to helping and caring for patients?

Your videos will be featured throughout the month of March leading up to Canadian Orthopaedic Care Day and on the event day itself.

Send your videos to via WeTransfer or Google Drive. Your insights and experiences are invaluable. By participating in this initiative, you contribute not just to a dialogue but to a movement towards enhancing orthopaedic care across Canada. Together, let’s make Canadian Orthopaedic Care Day 2024 a pivotal moment for change, advocacy, and celebration.

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