Canadian Orthopaedic Residents Association (CORA)

About CORA

CORA is the national association for Canadian orthopaedic resident doctors. CORA fosters resident research and education, stages the CORA Annual Meeting, represents the interests and concerns of orthopaedic residents to the COA, and promotes improvements in the residency training programs.

Resident Membership to CORA and the COA

CORA membership: All orthopaedic resident doctors in Canada are automatically granted membership to CORA. CORA members will receive periodic email updates from CORA related to the Annual Meeting and various scholarship and other opportunities for residents.

COA membership for residents: COA membership is not automatically granted to residents. Canadian orthopaedic residents can apply to become COA Associate members. Associate membership is free, and requires you to complete a simple membership application form.

If you are unsure of your COA membership status, please email or call 514-874-9003 ext.1

Apply for COA Membership

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General Inquiries
For any inquiries related to CORA, please email or call 514-874-9003 x 1.

Social Media
Don’t forget to follow the COA on Twitter at @CdnOrthoAssoc & Instagram at @canadianorthopaedicassociation and keep your eye out for important resident deadlines.

CORA Co-Chairs
Drs. Laurel Collings and Laura Morrison, University of Calgary