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Canadian Orthopaedic Association
4060 St. Catherine Street West, Suite 620
Westmount, Quebec H3Z 2Z3
T: 514 874-9003

Communicating with Our Staff

The COA and its affiliate societies are dedicated to ensuring a safe and respectful workplace for our employees. We commit to communicating with you in a respectful, professional and civil manner. Similarly, we ask our callers to extend the same courtesy to our staff.

We expect that all individuals reaching out to our staff refrain from using abusive or aggressive vocabulary. This would include threats, vexatious or harassing comments or conduct, sexual harassment, intimidation, shouting, or discriminatory statements. Behaviour of this kind may result in the COA limiting or restricting future communications with you. Thank you for your cooperation with our respectful workplace practices.

Sarah Beydoun

Coordinator, Specialty Societies
E: sarah@canorth.org
T: 514 874-9003 x 7

Meghan Corbeil

Manager, Operations and Logistics
E: meghan@canorth.org
T: 514 874-9003 x 4

Dana Miller

Manager, Communications
E: dana@canorth.org
T: 514 874-9003 x 6

Pearl Nasirembe

Coordinator, Member Relations & Administration
E: pearl@canorth.org
T: 514 874-9003 x 1

Chelsea Patriquin

Manager, Strategic Initiatives
E: chelsea@canorth.org
T: 514 874-9003 x 5

Cynthia Vezina

Chief Executive Officer
E: cynthia@canorth.org
T: 514-874-9003 x 3