Travelling Fellowships

Anica Bitenc Travelling Fellowship

(Visitor Program)

General Information

The Anica Bitenc Fellow visits various orthopaedic centres across Canada during his or her tour, and is invited to attend the COA Annual Meeting.

Funding for this Fellowship is sourced by an annual endowment from Dr. Igor Bitenc and is managed by the Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation.

In 1982 the COA received an offer from one of our members, Dr. Igor Bitenc, to sponsor an annual travelling fellowship for a young orthopaedic surgeon from the then Yugoslavia. The first Fellow completed his Canadian itinerary in 1985. The COA now hosts one Fellow per year on a rotational basis from Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

This Fellowship was named in memory of Dr. Igor Bitenc’s late mother, Mrs. Anica Bitenc.