COA Members Receive Unlimited Premium Access to OrthoEvidence

OrthoEvidence (OE) is THE global content provider of the best evidence in orthopaedics. Through their website, they provide complete summaries of the best orthopaedic research, updated daily. More than 55,000 practitioners and surgeons from more than 150 countries use OrthoEvidence because they provide a huge offering of summaries from more than 360 journals, they summarize only the VERY BEST (top 5%) evidence in orthopaedics all in one place (so you know the information you are reading is good), and they provide summaries that identify clinical implications, and are easy to quickly read and utilize in practice.

What does OE give me?

  • Unlimited access to more than 5,300 reports summarizing the Level 1 evidence published over the past 7 years in orthopaedics
  • Access to a breadth of content from 300+ journals and 14 different specialty areas including Trauma, Sports Medicine, Spine, Arthroplasty, Foot & Ankle, Shoulder & Elbow, Cannabis, and more.
  • Access to summaries of research presented at major conferences from across the world including the COA Annual Meeting and AAOS!
  • Ability to earn an unlimited number of CME credits by simply reading OrthoEvidence reports
  • Access to OrthoEvidence’s PeerView feature which allows you to quickly see the most popular research as read by orthopaedic surgeons from around the world.
  • Your very own Fast Track program, which will send you the most viewed content by COA members every month in the areas most important to YOU!

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