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Foot & Ankle Residency Training in Canada

Dr. Teresa Li has compiled a list of foot & ankle residency training within a few orthopaedic programs in Canada. For more details, please see the table below:

Program # of months Foot and ankle teaching (other than scheduled into academic half day / equivalent)
University of British Columbia 1 block (PGY-1), 3 blocks (PGY-3); in transition with CBD Daily morning teaching with fellows and staff for residents on rotation; Tuesday didactic foot + ankle lecture; Thursday foot + ankle resident cases; Friday foot and ankle fellow cases
University of Alberta 2 blocks (PGY-3), 2 blocks (PGY-5) 12 teaching topics covered one-on-one with staff during rotation; Monday foot + ankle rounds with staff or resident giving presentation
University of Calgary 3 blocks (PGY-3) Formal weekly teaching with resident on rotation giving presentation to staff
University of Saskatchewan 3 blocks (PGY-3) Case-based teaching with staff during rotation; Monday extremity rounds (hand/upper extremity or foot + ankle)
University of Manitoba 1 block (PGY-1 or PGY-2); 1 block (PGY-4) No formal foot + ankle rounds; foot + ankle trauma and sports integrated into respective rounds
McMaster University 3 blocks (PGY-3) Variable rounds for residents and staff
University of Ottawa 3 blocks (PGY-4 or PGY-5) Morning teaching once every two weeks all academic year with staff and residents
Queen’s University Grouped with arthroplasty as only 1 foot + ankle staff; 1 block (PGY-1), 2-3 blocks (PGY-2), 3 blocks (PGY-3 and PGY-4), 2 blocks (PGY-5) No formal foot + ankle rounds
Western University 4 blocks (2 junior, 2 senior) F&A rounds are conducted bi-weekly for residents on site (6-8 blocks/year)
University of Toronto 3 blocks (PGY-3) Tuesday city-wide foot + ankle rounds with resident giving presentation
McGill University 3 blocks (PGY-4 or PGY-5) No formal foot + ankle rounds
Dalhousie University 3 blocks (PGY-1 or PGY-2) and 1-2 blocks depending on interest (PGY-5) Tuesday afternoon foot + ankle rounds with staff, fellows and resident on service with staff or fellow giving presentation or research update
Memorial University of Newfoundland Longitudinal residency with 3 month blocks; work with foot and ankle staff as junior and senior No formal foot + ankle rounds

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