Research (CORS)

Membership within the COA includes automatic membership within CORS.  If you are an orthopaedic surgeon, resident or fellow who is currently a member of the COA, then you are also considered a CORS member.

The COA also offers a Research Affiliate membership category to our scientist colleagues involved in orthopaedic research.  There are no annual membership dues involved with this category.  A reduced Annual Meeting registration fee is offered to Research Affiliate members.

Research Affiliate Membership within the COA

This category of membership is be open to:

  • Scientists involved in orthopaedic research; and
  • Medical practitioners licensed to practice in Canada who have demonstrated commitment to orthopaedic surgery and who regularly act as surgical assistants during orthopaedic surgical procedures.
  • Under very special circumstances, and upon recommendation by the Board, Affiliate members may be granted the privilege of holding office or an appointment in the Association, and shall be entitled to vote.

Become a Research Affiliate Member by completing the COA Application Form.