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An orthopaedic fellowship usually designates a period of post-residency training that includes specific academic requirements. The reasons for pursuing a fellowship may include the desire to develop special skills and interests in a subspecialty area or to pursue the opportunity to do further research and training in preparation for an academic career.

Canadian Fellowship Opportunities

A listing of available orthopaedic fellowships in Canada are listed below by program and by subspecialty/area of interest.

If you would like to add your program’s orthopaedic fellowship to the listing or need to update your existing fellowship description, please e-mail info@canorth.org for information.

Canadian Fellowships by Program

If you are interested in any of the fellowships listed below, please contact the centres directly.

Canadian Fellowships by Subspecialty

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United States Fellowship Opportunities

Information about the match process involved with pursuing an orthopaedic fellowship in the United States can be found through the SF Match.

The AAOS Postgraduate Orthopaedic Fellowship Directory also provides a listing of fellowships available in the USA. This is printed on a yearly basis and is available for purchase through the AAOS.

United States Fellowship Information by Subspecialty Society