(North American Travelling Fellowship)

The North American Travelling Fellowship (NATF) commenced in 1968. The first group of Fellows began their tour in Washington, and then visited a number of orthopaedic centres throughout the United States and Canada.

This Fellowship was originally designated for orthopaedic surgeons who had recently completed their orthopaedic residency and were in their first years of practice. The eligibility was eventually extended to include applicants up to five (5) years following completion of their training.

General Information

The NAT Fellowship traditionally involves a tour of the US and Canada by one (1) Canadian fellow and four (4) US fellows. The tour begins in the fall of every odd year (i.e. 2021, 2023 etc.).

The usual timing of the tours has since been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and will be re-scheduled according to travel and health and safety restrictions.

2022 NATF Tour – Deadline Closed

The proposed NATF tour is scheduled for the Fall of 2022. Eligible fellows should be flexible with possible changes to the tour dates and locations pending health, safety and travel restrictions. Learn more about the fellowship experience from the fellows themselves through past travel blogs.

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