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The COA mission is to serve the profession and promote excellence in orthopaedic and musculoskeletal health for Canadians. As the national voice for orthopaedic surgeons, we are dedicated to developing programs and pursuing efforts which foster our mission.

Changing the political sphere can be challenging. The COA continues its efforts to bring our expertise to the government table. We recognize that we bring three key things to our government contacts:

  1. We represent an important base of practical experience in improving access to care for our patients;
  2. We speak with a collective voice, allowing government officials to deal with one group instead of many;
  3. We represent, with our patients, a large group of voters to whom government will hopefully listen.

It is in this spirit that the COA conducts an ongoing program of government relations and advocacy efforts.

Canadian Orthopaedic Care Day – March 30

Join us on Wednesday, March 30 for the inaugural Canadian Orthopaedic Care Day by sharing a message of support online using the hashtags #CdnOrthoDay and #OrthoCareCanada to recognize and celebrate all those involved in Orthopaedic care across Canada. Follow AdvoOrtho for updates and news on Twitter and Facebook. Would you like to join us as an official Supporter of AdvoOrtho? Send us an email.

AdvoOrtho — Supporting Orthopaedic Care in Canada

The Canadian Orthopaedic Association is pleased to announce the development of a government relations and advocacy campaign entitled AdvoOrtho.

With the development of AdvoOrtho, we’re currently sourcing impactful patient testimonials to share with the community and government leaders. Should you have a patient story that would drive engagement with our campaign, we would love to hear from you; dana@canorth.org.

We look forward to sharing more details surrounding this campaign as it becomes available.