78th COA Annual Meeting | 57th CORS Annual Meeting

Presenter Guidelines



Podium and Symposium Presenters

Link to optional PowerPoint slide template, including the (mandatory) disclosure slide. 


  • May 1: Deadline to change author and presenter detailsNote: The submitter is responsible for providing accurate information for all authors and failure to do so may result in an author’s name being removed from the program.
  • May 15: Deadline to complete Conflict of Interest Disclosure form. Authors who do not submit disclosure information will be removed from the program. Note: Only presenting author is required to disclose. If the disclosure button is RED once logged in, click on it to complete and submit your form. If the button is GREEN, you have completed this step and already submitted your form.
  • June 5: Deadline to upload slides to speaker platform. Your unique link will be emailed to you in early May.

Registration: All presenters are required to register and pay in full for the annual meeting.

Presentation Date and Time:

  • All talks will be presented in-person, in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
  • Please refer to the detailed online program for your presentation time. Search/filter by your last name and scroll through the days to view the date and time of your talk(s).
  • Note: We have made every effort to schedule talks to allow authors with multiple presentations to travel between sessions and present without time conflicts. Please contact education@canorth.org with any concerns.

Length of Presentations:

  • For podium (abstract) presentations: 6-minute presentations, 3-minutes for discussion. Strict adherence to time limits will be enforced.
  • For Symposia/ICL/Other Sessions: Length at the discretion of the session moderator. See online program.

Instructions for ALL On-Site Presenters:

  • An annual meeting PPT slide template is available should you wish to use it for your presentation.
  • Mandatory: To be compliant with Royal College accreditation, each talk must include a statement of financial disclosure. A sample slide is provided in the downloadable template above. If there is nothing to disclose, please state this.
  • NEW! We encourage presenters to include a slide containing 2-3 self-learning tips/resources at the end of their presentation, related to their talk topic. E.g. scientific papers, upcoming conferences, books, podcasts, etc.
  • All patient identifiers must be removed from the presentation.

Format Instructions:

  • Bring a copy of your PowerPoint presentation (“talk”) on a USB drive. Email yourself a backup copy. A Speaker Ready Room will be available on-site.
  • Aspect ratio: Screen and projector are set to present 16:9 ratio. Slides in a 4:3 ratio will still appear on the screen, but will have black bars on either side of the screen.
  • Avoid live links in talks. Internet connection is unlikely to be available on the presenter laptops.
  • The audiovisual projection system will include a Personal Computer (PC). We are unable to accommodate speakers’ laptops. No Macintosh computers or adapters will be available.

Uploading Slides: Slide decks must be uploaded to our system by June 5. Your unique link will be emailed to you in May.

For accredited sessions, please keep in mind the following: 

  • Product-specific advertising, promotional materials or branding strategies cannot be included in or appear adjacent to any educational materials in accredited sessions (e.g. slides, abstracts, handouts, programs, activity webpages or electronic media containing educational material) and appear in locations where accredited CPD sessions are occurring (e.g. lecture halls, small group discussion rooms) immediately before, during or immediately after an accredited CPD activity.
  • Any incentive provided to participants associated with an accredited CPD activity must be approved by the CPD provider organization.
  • If your presentation includes discussion of a product that is relevant to the educational topic, or part of a care path (e.g. a hospital department app or implant), please use generic terms and not product-specific language.
  • For more details, download the complete National Standard document here (note Element 6 on commercial promotion).

E-Poster Presenters


Preparing your poster:

  • Accepted posters will be displayed virtually through our online platform. A link to the platform will be shared in early May.
  • For best results, your poster should be prepared as a high-resolution PowerPoint slide (one slide in landscape orientation, layout 16 x 9), saved as a PDF document.
  • Recommended font types: Arial, Calibri, Verdana, Times New Roman or Helvetica
  • Please note: Hyperlinks, animated images, animations and videos are not permitted, however QR codes may be included.


  • To participate in the virtual program (submit e-poster, see all e-posters, and have access to virtual material post-meeting), you must register.
    • Select “Virtual Poster Non-Attending Presenter” if you are submitting an e-poster but not attending the in-person meeting. If you plan on attending the meeting in Halifax (in-person), you must register as a meeting participant, which will also give you access to the virtual content.

Interacting with meeting participants: Poster presenters will be asked to monitor online discussion related to their poster at least once daily during the conference dates and respond to any questions/comments. This can be done through the meeting app (available in May).

Moderator Guidelines

To be shared shortly.