Arthroscopy Association of Canada (AAC)


The founding meeting of the Arthroscopy Association of Canada (AAC) occurred in 2012, initiated by a small group of committed orthopaedic surgeons. While there was interest in pursuing a formalized structure, the group did not fully materialize into a functioning association at that time. The Arthroscopy Association of Canada (AAC) was re-formed in 2017, and the current AAC Executive is grateful to the founding members, many of whom have been pivotal contributors to the early success of the Association.

The AAC was formed to encourage national collaboration and advancement of sports and arthroscopy research and education. The AAC will mobilize the knowledge gained through the Association’s research to contribute to the global advancement of arthroscopic surgery and improved patient outcomes. Members include orthopaedic surgeons, researchers and allied health care professionals.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Arthroscopy Association of Canada is to encourage national collaboration and the advancement of orthopaedic sport medicine and arthroscopy clinical care, research and education.


Mission Statement

To provide a collaborative forum for orthopaedic surgeons in Canada whose practices have a substantial interest in sport medicine and the arthroscopic management of orthopaedic conditions.

To facilitate and stimulate the academic and scientific exchange of ideas and thought between these individuals.

To promote excellence in sport medicine and arthroscopic care in Canada by developing and disseminating evidence-based best practice guidelines and by developing and offering educational opportunities for orthopaedic surgeons, trainees and other medical staff.

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