Code of Ethics & Bylaws

Learn more about the code of ethics and bylaws that govern the COA.

Code of Ethics

The COA’s Code of Ethics has specific applications to Canadian culture, society, and the Canadian health-care system.

While the COA’s Code of Ethics provides guidance, it cannot offer definitive resolution to all ethical questions and situations that might arise. In such situations, it is the duty of each member to act in an ethically responsible manner, and members are encouraged to seek additional advice or consultation when necessary.

The COA’s Code of Ethics outlines the ethical principles governing our membership’s conduct focusing primarily on ethics issues rather than what could otherwise be termed professionalism or professional conduct. Such issues as being honest and lawful are assumed to apply to all members of society. Similarly, issues that are basic and more in the realm of human rights or law such as discrimination (age, gender, ethnic origin, religion, sexual preference, race, etc…) have been included only where necessary. The fundamental principle of primacy of patient welfare overrides all others.

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Learn more about the bylaws that govern the COA.

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