Shoulder & Elbow (CSES)

2020 COA Annual Meeting

The COA, CORS, and CORA Annual Meeting went Virtual this year.  Part of the original Halifax program was delivered virtually the weekend of June 19-20. The Annual Meeting took place over two days with COA programming on Day 1 and Subspecialty Day on Day 2.

Please find the preliminary shoulder & elbow schedule below:

14:30-15:30 EDT – Upper Extremity Paper Session

15:45-16:45 EDT – Elbow Symposium: Post-Traumatic Elbow stiffness

Assessment: Approach to assessing the post-traumatic elbow
Timeline: When to be concerned with stiffness and start considering operative intervention
Important radiographic or physical exam features that influence the decision to operate
Operative approach options
Postoperative care (physio, HO prophylaxis etc.)

Causes of Elbow Stiffness After Trauma – Overview and Malunion Identification by Alexandre Leclerc, Quebec, QC
How to do Open Capsular Release by William D. Regan, Allen Mc Gavin Sports Medicine Center, Vancouver, BC
How to Remove HO and When to do it by Kenneth J. Faber, St. Joseph’s Health Care, London, ON
How to do Arthroscopic Release and Bone Spur Removal by J Pollock, Ottawa Hospital General Campus, Ottawa, ON
Specific Concerns on Pro-supination Stiffness by Kevin Hildebrand, Department of Surgery, Calgary, AB

17:15-18:15 EDT – Tips and Tricks: Rotator Cuff

Learn exposure tips, tricks, and cost-effective fixation strategies for open cuff repair.
Define the indications for augmenting cuff repairs with a patch and SCR
Understand how to incorporate an allograft patch into your cuff repair, and review delivery tricks for allograft augmentation and SCR.
Learn SCR suture management and adjunctive repair (biceps management, infraspinatus incorporation etc).
Appreciate the indications for latissimus dorsi and trapezius transfers as well as exposure “pearls”.

Introduction by John Haverstock, Oakville, ON
“Open cuff repair in 2020?” by Robin R. Richards, Toronto, ON
Interposition Bridging Reconstruction with Allograft by Ivan Wong, Dalhousie University, Halifax, NS
Superior Capsular Reconstruction by J Pollock, Ottawa Hospital General Campus, Ottawa, ON
Latissimus Dorsi Transfer by Stéphanie Hinse, Hopital Verdun, Montreal, QC
Trapezius Transfer by George Athwal, Hand and Upper Limb Centre, London, ON

2020 CSES Shoulder and Elbow Course

The CSES Shoulder and Elbow Course in Ottawa from Jan. 30 to Feb. 1, chaired by Drs. J Pollock and Peter Lapner, was a success.

The course was open to R4 and R5 residents from a Canadian training program, as well as upper extremity fellows.  Features:

  • Three full labs: Elbow arthroscopy / radial head arthroplasty, shoulder arthroscopy, shoulder arthroplasty.
  • Virtual Reality training session
  • Small group case based interactive sessions

We are looking forward to next year’s meeting in Montreal. More information to follow.