Shoulder & Elbow (CSES)

2022 COA Annual Meeting

The COA Annual Meeting is the Association’s premiere event offering educational and networking opportunities in one of Canada’s finest cities. Mark your calendars for the upcoming in-person 2022 COA, CORS, and CORA Annual Meeting in Québec city at the Convention Center from June 8-11th. Register now.

Our CSES Coordinator for the COA 2022, Dr. Stéphane Pelet from CHU de Québec – Hôpital Enfant-Jésus, has put together strong shoulder & elbow sessions to be included during the COA general program and on the June 11th Subspecialty Day. Please find below the preliminary shoulder & elbow program:

Preliminary Program

Wednesday June 8

17:15-18:15 Opening Ceremonies

18:15-20:15 Welcome Reception – drinks and snacks in the exhibit hall

 Thursday June 9

08:00-18:30 – General COA programming includes a little something for everyone – paper sessions, symposia, case-based roundtable sessions, and more. View the detailed program here.

12:00-13:00 Industry Lunch and Learns – see above

Friday June 10

08:00-09:30 Paper Session: Shoulder and Elbow 1

12:00-13:00 Industry Lunch and Learns

13:00-15:00 Your COA : Business Meeting, Strategic and New Programs Update, and Transfer of Office (inauguration of Laurie Hiemstra)

16:00-17:45 2022 Meeting Highlights Paper Session – See the top papers in each subspecialty

19:00-23:00 COA Gala

Saturday June 11 – Subspecialty Day – see the program for details

08:00-09:30 Upper Extremity Symposium: Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty – Where We Are and Where We Go

09:45-11:15 Upper Extremity ICL: Evidence-based Medicine: CSES Position Statements on Common Shoulder and Elbow Problems

11:30-12:30 AAC/CSES Combined Symposium: Shoulder Arthritis in Patients 50 years of Age or Under

12:30-13:30 **CSES Research Meeting and Lunch** – All members are invited to join us to discuss current CSES research projects and proposals for new research.

13:30-15:00 Paper Session : Shoulder 2

15:15-16:45 Upper Extremity Tips & Tricks: Elbow Trauma

For speaker guidelines, registration, and all the meeting details, visit the Annual Meeting website

Past Events

The 2021 COA Annual Meeting was held virtually from June 15-19, 2021. The conference was delivered over 4 evenings and 1 day of online education, including subspecialty programming, CORA and CORS sessions, presentation and networking opportunities. You can consult the complete shoulder and elbow programming program below:

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM ET
COA Symposium: Shoulder and Elbow – Difficult Upper Extremity Management Surgical Techniques, Ask the Experts
Session Chairs: Patrick Henry and Meaghan Rollins


  1. Exposure and Management of Coronoid Process Fractures – Graham J.W. King
  2. Exposure and Surgical Management of Proximal Humeral Fractures – Dominique M. Rouleau
  3. Management of Chronic Pectoralis Major Muscle Tears – Aaron J. Bois
  4. Arthroscopic Management of Large/Global Rotator Cuff Tears – Peter B. MacDonald
  5. Trapezius Transfer for Management of Unrepairable Rotator Cuff Tears – Danny Goel
  6. Surgical Management of Chronic Retracted Distal Biceps Tendon Ruptures – Parham Daneshvar


7:15 PM – 8:15 PM ET
COA Paper Session: Shoulder and Elbow
Session Chairs: Peter Lapner, Diane Nam, and William D. Regan

The COA, CORS, and CORA Annual Meeting went Virtual this year.  Part of the original Halifax program was delivered virtually the weekend of June 19-20. The Annual Meeting took place over two days with COA programming on Day 1 and Subspecialty Day on Day 2. Please find the preliminary shoulder & elbow schedule below:

14:30-15:30 EDT – Upper Extremity Paper Session

15:45-16:45 EDT – Elbow Symposium: Post-Traumatic Elbow stiffness


  • Causes of Elbow Stiffness After Trauma – Overview and Malunion Identification by Alexandre Leclerc
  • How to do Open Capsular Release by William D. Rega
  • How to Remove HO and When to do it by Kenneth J. Faber
  • How to do Arthroscopic Release and Bone Spur Removal by J Pollock
  • Specific Concerns on Pro-supination Stiffness by Kevin Hildebrand

17:15-18:15 EDT – Tips and Tricks: Rotator Cuff


  • Introduction by John Haverstock
  • “Open cuff repair in 2020?” by Robin R. Richards
  • Interposition Bridging Reconstruction with Allograft by Ivan Wong
  • Superior Capsular Reconstruction by J Pollock
  • Latissimus Dorsi Transfer by Stéphanie Hinse
  • Trapezius Transfer by George Athwal