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CPOS Annual Meeting 2023 – Program Overview

June 21-24, 2023, Calgary, Alberta
Calgary TELUS Convention Centre

The COA Annual Meeting is the Association’s premiere event offering educational and networking opportunities in one of Canada’s finest cities.

Both the Canadian Orthopaedic Research Society (CORS) and the Canadian Orthopaedic Residents’ Association (CORA) hold their respective Annual Meetings each year in conjunction with the COA event. Triple your opportunities to share best practices and learn from experts and thought leaders in all areas of orthopaedics.

CPOS Program Overview – Annual Meeting

The CPOS Executives are proud to present a thoughtfully constructed program ensuring members gain educational benefits from this year’s Annual Meeting. Please see the CPOS overview program below.

Please check this page for frequent programming updates as we approach the meeting date.

CPOS Program Overview – Annual Meeting




CPOS Journal Club
  • The CPOS Education Committee hosted their first Journal Club via Zoom on May 11, 2021 at 8 PM EST! The CPOS Journal club is intended to highlight Canadian Paediatric Orthopaedic research. We intend for the authors to discuss their papers, followed by an informal discussion regarding the paper and its clinical relevance. The following papers were presented:
    1. Kedar Padhye, Ron El-Hawary, Victoria Price, Sarah Stevens, Brian Branchford & Ketan Kulkarni (2020) Development of a perioperative venous thromboembolism prophylaxis algorithm for pediatric orthopedic surgical patients, Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, 37:2, 109-118.
    2. Susan Nelson, Alexander Adams, Matthew Buczek, Chris Anthony, Apurva Shah (2019) Postoperative Pain and Opioid Use in Children with Supracondylar Humeral Fractures: Balancing Analgesia and Opioid Stewardship, The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, 101: 119-26.
    3. Naveen Poonai, Natasha Datoo, Samina Ali, Megan Cashin, Amy Drendel, Rongbo Zhu, Natasha Lepore Michael Greff, Michael Rieder, Debra Bartley (2017) Oral Morphine versus ibuprofen administered at home for postoperative orthopedic pain in children: a randomized controlled trial, CMAJ, 10;189:E1252-8.
    4. Maryse Bouchard (2017) Guided Growth: Novel Applications in the Hip, Knee, and Ankle, J Pediatri Orthop, 37: S32-S36.
    5. Lise Leveille, Ozan Razi, Charles Johnston (2019) Rebound Deformity After Growth Modulation in Patients with Coronal Plane Angular Deformities about the Knee: Who Gets it and How Much? J Pediatri Orthop, 39:353-358.
    6. Walter Truong, Susan Novotny, Tom Novacheck, Eyun-Jung Shin, Andrew Howard, Unni Narayanan (2019) Should Proximal Femoral Implants be Removed Prophylactically or Reactively in Children with Cerebral Palsy? J Pediatr orthop, 39: E629-E635.

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